The Melancholy of Mia Marina

" The Introvert|The Thinker|The Pessimist "

Say it: Mia
Born on: 20 May
Believe in: Islam
See's through: Dark brown eyes
Standz at: 4.8 FT
Never: HATE
Do: Love me   

-F A V O R I T E-

Watched (Movie): Action, Adventure, Horror, Comedy, Detective story, Crime.
Watched (TV Shows): Food and drink television series, Reality television series.
Read: Novels, Thrillers, Religion (Islam), Family & Relationship, Self Development.
Catch the eyes: Blue colour.

● Servant of A L L A H 
● Not open to many people ● Usually quiet ● Don't really like attention ● 

" My Official Blog "

Name: Bicara Mia
Created: October 2010
Creator: Marina J

♥ In this very little space from the World Wide Web, this could be the only place where I can have my freedom to express myself, rant whenever I wanted to, post non-sense shit, type asdfghj until I get tired like an idiot. _)_)_)

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